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Whale Footage

whale footage

Our library contains hundreds of hours of whale footage and stock footage of other marine wildlife.

New in 2013, HD high defintion footage of whales breaching, feeding and playing!

We are in our fourteenth year of selling stock footage of whales and other marine mammals in New England and Hawaii.

Some of our footage clients and showcases:
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
The Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown, MA
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
Hawaii Electronic Music Festival
Pacific Life Insurance (breaching whale commercials)
Big Idea Productions (VeggieTales)
Maine Public Broadcasting
Broad Street Boston
POLYPHON Films (Germany)
Abis Studios (Romania)
Von Matthey Films (Germany)
Boomtown Inc.
Chadwich Booth and Co.
Rare (London)
Provincetown Television (PTV)

Please contact Chris Hamilton with any
questions about footage or licensing.



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These preview clips are just a few examples of the thousands of high quality stock footage shots that we own and license.
Call or email us to receive our footage showreel DVD.

HD Humpback Whale Footage (New 2013)

This 10min clip contains breaching (full, chin & tail), tail lobbing and flipper slapping and is just a preview of our HD footage.
Contact us to preview additional HD footage such as humpback feeding and close boat approaches and other species.


Humpback Whale Footage (standard definition)


Finback Whale Footage


Minke Whale Footage


Pilot Whale Footage

Other pilot whale footage includes, mother and baby, spyhopping, flipper slapping and more.


Right Whale Footage


Blue Whale Footage

Atlantic White Sided Dolphin Footage


Mola Mola or Ocean Sunfish Footage

Basking Shark Footage


Leatherback Turtle Footage

Stock Footage of Cape Cod

Other Stock Footage
(previews available upon request):

Rissos Dophins

False Killer Whales

NEW! Firedancing footage at the lava flows of Hawaii. Fire dancing footage,
Poi footage, fire spinning footage. Contact us for preview clips!

Fire Dancing Footage, Poi Footage,
Firedancing Footage, Fire Spinning Footage

fire dancing, firedancing, poi, fire spinning, video, footage

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In the Wild Productions is a professional provider of broadcast quality digital stock footage (DV), rights-managed footage, and video stock footage of animals such as humpback whales (breaching, feeding, flipper slapping, flukes, lob tailing, spy hopping and more), fin whales or finback whaless, right whales, blue whales, pilot whales, minke whales, false killer whales, basking sharks, mola molas (ocean sunfish), dolphins, seabirds and Cape Cod coastlines. Our stock footage library contains digital stock footage, dv stock footage, wildlife stock footage, animal stock footage, and hours of whale footage.

In the Wild Productions
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Provincetown, MA 02657




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