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Whale Links

Whale Watching, Eco-Tour Operators and Organizations
The Dolphin Fleet - The first and now the only whale watch out of Provincetown. Join the Dolphin Fleet for a fun and educational whale watch trip. In the Wild Productions is now recording their trips so that you can get a DVD of your trip!

The Hyannis Whale Watcher -Highlight your Cape Cod vacation with an unforgettable cruise aboard the Mid-Cape's only Whale Watch. Their high speed state-of-the-art vessel sails daily from picturesque Barnstable Harbor. You can also get a DVD of your Hyannis Whale Watch from In the Wild Productions!

Viking Princess Nature Cruises - Explore the natural world aboard the Viking Princess!
Enjoy learning during a Morning Nature Cruise, a "Critter Cruise" or a Sunset Cruise in Provincetown Harbor. Also available for private charter.

Capt. John Boats - Whale watches departin from Plymouth MA. Info on whales and birds you'll see.

Capt. Bill's Whale Watch - Your whale watching excitement begins with Captain Bill's Whale Watch. See breathtaking views of whales from the whale watch capital of the world, leaving out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Also offering deep sea fishing trips.

Boston Harbor Cruises - Boston whale watch.

The New England Aquarium - Great educational whale watches and on-line ticketing.

Newburyport Whale Watch - First class whale watching from the north shore of Massachusetts.
Every trip provides an opportunity to gather information for whale research.  Our expert naturalists provide interesting narration and are happy to answer your questions. 

Williwaw Adventures - Summer wilderness and sailing expeditions in New England for young adults. Exploring the wilderness, waterways and seas of North America.

Planeta.com - Planeta.com is a clearinghouse for practical ecotourism around the globe. As a travel resource center, they host a variety of online forums and conferences and have published more than 10,000 pages of features and scholarly reports.

Cape Ann Whale Watch - Gloucester whale watchers in their 22nd season!  Good teacher's info on site.

Seven Seas Whale Watch - Family run Gloucester whale watch with informative website.

Yankee Whale Watching and Deep Sea Fishing - Whale Watching and Deep Sea Fishing, just 35 minutes north of Boston, for over 60 years. .

Isles of Shoals Steamship Co. - Whale watch trips and more out of Portsmouth, NH.

Odyssey Whale Watches - Whale watching from Portland, ME.

First Chance Whale Watch - Visit the whales of Jeffrey's Ledge from Kennebunk, ME.

Aquatic Adventures - Soft-in-water encounters with whales and dolphins!

Whaleman - Dolphin and whale eco-adventure travel.  Information and action on issues concerning whales.

Whales in Danger - Comprehensive listing of whale watch operators around the world, and more.

Open Air Expeditions - Eco-tourism in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Seal Safaris - Norwegian eco tours.

Adventure resources - Adventure related news, books and web resources.

Ocean Ecoventures - A unique marine adventure tour company that provides educational ocean excursions on our open, 23-foot rigid hull inflatable boat. We offer visually-thrilling adventure tours throughout southern Vancouver Island's famous Gulf Islands as well as Washington state's San Juan Islands, where you can witness the unlimited beauty and magnificent sea life that the world renowned Gulf Island waterways provide..

In the Wild Adventures - Educational, adventurous and uniquely themed sailing vacations in the Caribbean! Unique vacations aboard crewed (with captain and chef) sailing and power yachts. As brokers, they organize and promote the finest yacht charters in the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean and the world. One week all inclusive trips on your own private crewed yacht start under $1000 pp. Trips are designed around activites of interest to you, such as water activities (scuba, kayaking), wind activities (learn to sail), cultural experiences (local people and art), lifestyles (gay, nude, etc.) and much more. No sailing experience necessary!

OuterQuest.com is the leading resource for adventure planning and recreation. We are a direct marketing company that uses our products, services, & events to promote your adventure recreation programs. Our partners are dedicated to enhancing our communities by bringing together individuals and groups in adventure recreation.

Ecotours de Mexico is a Nature Tour Operator in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay Mexico, established since 1991. Our tours are second to none in exclusivity and quality. We offer a diferent option for people interested in having a new and unique experience. To achieve this we have a great team of naturalist guides and expert biologist who take personal care of each Ecotour. Our line up: Whale Watching, Turtle Camp, Bird Watching, Dolphins and Ocean Wonders, Snorkeling Marietas Islands, Scuba diving, Sea kayaking, Hiking.

Whale Watching Info An informational site about whale watching and marine mammals.

Sydney Eco Whale Watching Their personalised 3.5- hour eco-tour caters for only a small number of passengers at a time. No pushing crowds and lots of personal attention will make this a powerful, spiritual experience.

Seaeco Whale Watching Tours in Western Australia
Enjoy an intimate eco-friendly cruise aboard their yacht, to view these magnificent animals in their natural enviroment.

Philip Island Penguin and Whale Watching Cruises in Australia
Guaranteed wild life viewing, cruise in comfort on whale watching cruises and tours or visit the Phillip Island penguins during a Seal Rock eco-cruise. All tours are run by experienced guides, on modern catamarans with all meals included.

Wesley's and Captain Zodiac Whale Watches
Whale watching operations on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. Offering trips aboard a 38 passenger double decker or a smaller (and more intimate) zodiac.

Whale Research and Information

Center for Coastal Studies
- Lots of info on whale rescue efforts, marine research and Stellwagen Bank.
The Center for Coastal Studies is a private nonprofit organization which began as a largely voluntary organization of concerned scientists and citizens, involving issues of coastal erosion and planning. Over the years, they have evolved into a small field station concentrating on various aspects of applied research in the marine environment, mostly having to do with marine mammals, although their program includes a wide range of scientific disciplines, conservation interests and educational activities.

The Center for Oceanic Research and Education
- A non-profit organization dedicated to the study and conservation of cetaceans. Their mission is to promote stewardship and conservation of cetaceans and their marine environment.
Cape Cod Museum of Natural History - Local natural history museum with an interest in whalewatching from Cape Cod.

Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum - The Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum collects, preserves, and exhibits objects and documents pertinent to whaling, especially the regional whaling history of Long Island, whale conservation, and the history of Cold Spring Harbor as a maritime port. The Museum serves a broad and diverse public audience.
Whale Watching Web - Comprehensive directory covering oceanographic research, bioacoustics, myths and virtual whale-watching.

Whale Net - An interactive educational web site which focuses on whales and marine research.

The Whale Center of New England - Whale sightings, photos, sounds and facts.
WCNE, a not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1980 to study the whales using waters off the Massachusetts coast. A pre-eminent research institution, its nearly 20 years of field-based studies, utilizing individual identification markings for detailed behavioral studies are the basis for many published scientific articles by WCNE's staff and interns, the development of educational materials, and involvement in conservation efforts involving marine animals and their habitat.

Mingan Island Cetacean Study - MICS is a non-profit research organization dedicated to ecological studies of marine mammals. Founded in 1979 by Richard Sears, MICS was the first organization to carry out extensive long-term research of cetaceans in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The principal study area is along the Quebec North Shore in the Mingan Island/Anticosti Island region.

The Ocean Mammal Institute - Good info on the danger of low frequency active sonar.
OMI is a unique  research organization that collects data on the impact of human marine activities on whales and dolphins. The research results are used to develop guidelines to directly protect these marine mammals. 

Zoom Whales - Geared toward kids - very informative.

Gray Whales with Winston - A guide to Grey whales and Grey whale watching.

Cetacean Research Technology
- Tools of the trade.

Whale Resource Center
- Information and links about whales.

Dolphin Resource Center
- Information and links about dolphins..

Save the Whales

International Wildlife Coalition- "Saving endangered species, protecting wild and domestic animals and preserving habitat and the environment." The IWC is active in the fight to end commercial whaling and in assisting stranding marine mammals. They are also the originators of the "Whale Adoption Project".

Cetacean Society International - Current action alerts and issues.  Nice photo gallery!
The goal of the Cetacean Society International is to achieve on a global basis the "optimum utilization of cetacean resources" [1946 International Whaling Commission Treaty] through benign utilization and the elimination of all killing and captive display of whales, dolphins, and porpoises. 

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - Very informative and action oriented site.
The Sea Shepherd International is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) involved with the investigation and documentation of violations of international laws, regulations and treaties protecting marine wildlife species.

West Coast Anti-Whaling Society - Good site with international current events.
The West Coast Anti-Whaling Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the sanctity of life for whales, dolphins and porpoises. The primary objective of the society is to oppose and work to prevent any return to whaling. 

International Fund for Animal Welfare - Good site covering many categories of animals, including marine.
The International Fund for Animal Welfare works to improve the welfare of wild and domestic animals throughout the world by reducing commercial exploitation of animals, protecting wildlife habitats, and assisting animals in distress.
Visit their excellent page with facts and concerns of Right Whales!

Ocean Defense International - Oregon site with info on whaling, driftnetting and shark finning.
Ocean Defense International is a nonprofit, all volunteer organization formed to combat the destruction of the oceans and its inhabitants. We embrace the principles of nonviolent direct action and veganism. Through education and action we intend to stress the importance of a life free of exploitation for all animals.

Stop Whale Kill - Radical site focused on Japanese whale killing and whaling politics.

GreenPeace - Good site with news, information and campaign events.

American Cetacean Society - Comprehensive site with info, conferences, adoption programs and newsletters.  Check out their extensive links!
ACS works to protect whales, dolphins, porpoises, and their habitats through education, conservation and research. We believe the best way to protect cetaceans is by educating the public about these remarkable animals and the problems they face in their increasingly threatened habitats.

U.S  Citizens Against whaling - News, politics, issues and activism.

The Whale and Dolphin Adoption Project - Fundraising website.
Raising funds for ongoing marine mammal research, education and conservation of the marine environment.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society - Good news and other info.  Visit their merchandizing site at www.phinz.com.

Marine Mammal Art and Miscellany

Listening to Whales - For years Paul Knapp has been listening to and recording whales in the waters of the British Virgin Islands. Visit their website to listen to samples or buy their cds.

EcoFootage.com - EcoFootage.com offers more than 5,000 royalty-free video stock footage clips related to sustainability and the environment..

Nature Photography - Great photos of whales, wolves and more by Leo Kulinski ,Jr.

Phillip Colla Photography - Outstanding underwater photography of marine mammals and large fish.  Good info too!

Wyland Galleries - On-line gallery of marine mammal sculpture and art.  You've probably seen his murals.

123 Greetings - Whale greeting cards.

Lower Cape Cod Community Development Corporation - The Lower Cape Cod Community Development Corporation empowers local individuals and organizations to become self-sufficient, enhancing the Lower Cape community character and quality of life in an environmentally sound manner. The CDC helps provide Lower Cape residents of low and moderate income with affordable housing, employment and economic opportunities, and assistance to the small business community.

Online Wildlife Viewing

AdventureTV - Great site with many viewable video clips of wildlife and other outdoor adventures.

Friend's Websites

Lee Hamilton, PhD Consulting and Grant Writing - Lee is an accomplished HUD grant writer and an advoate for the homeless.

www.vontrapperkeeper.blogspot.com - The writings and projects of Dan Nolan.

www.dannolan.com - The paintings of Dan Nolan

Hemisphere Cape Cod - Excellent restaurant on the water in Sandwich. Great for casual lunch, fine dinner or any function including weddings.

Jaya the Cat - This band from Boston (now Amsterdam) plays an integrated combination of dub, ska, rock steady guitars, the odd touch of metal, and a resultant sound best described as ‘punk reggae’. Lyrically, the band hits home with songs concerning the issues of day to day living combined with outright critique on politics. In a nutshell: Jaya The Cat embody the integrity, passion, and attitude that define punk rock and reggae.

Badger Balm - Powerfully pure body care products that are 100% natural with 70%-100% certified organic, naturally processed, ingredients. Balms, massage oils, lip balms, soaps and more for adults, kids and babies.


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