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"Whales in the Wild II: New England Whale Watching Highlights"
DVD video of humpback whales and several other species
including sharks!

View a free on-line video clip of this exciting nature, wildlife, whale
and dolphin DVD now!

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Now on DVD!

Bonus features include:
-Mother and baby whales
-Whale rescue

Species featured include:

Humpback whales
Finback whales
Blue whales
Minke Whales
Right Whales
Sei Whales
Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola)
Basking Shark
Leatherback turtle
Harbor Seal

Since 1999, In the Wild Productions has recorded over 2200 whale watching trips on broadcast quality digital video. Now, we bring you our very best footage in this exciting new DVD! See 14 species of whales, dolphins, sharks and more, including very rare footage of blue whales, an albino pilot whale, right whales breaching and finback whales fluking. The highlight of this video though is the humpback whale with all its extraordinary surface behaviors including bubble feeding, flipper slapping and of course full spinning breaching!

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